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tv   News  ABC  August 22, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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go into the afternoon. let's get a check at abc2 time saver traffic good morning. >> good morning everybody, just a few issues out there. mostly construction and congestion related. that's the good news. this one of our web cameras showing into harbor tunnel, not bad for the 95 approach. we'll drop that and bring you sunday shoot and again construction delays across many locations this morning. so that will be an issue 695 you're watching few delays with the on ramp around white marsh be aware of that. wing it out towards the west and we'll show you there you go, construction out near old frederick road that's shutting down eudemon son avenue to dunnly road be aware of that. we'll show you, again, so far things are looking pretty good. most of our sky cam. this is our drive time showing us 83 southbound. 11 minute ride.
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outer loop 95 to 83 that's 11 minute ride. and 695 to 795 eventually that's also -- >> 5:31. one-year-old boy has been found safe after police say he was kidnapped by his father. the 1-year-old he was found with his father in district heights. now he's doing just fine this morning. the father is in police custody, no charges have been filed just yet. we'll keep you posted on what happens. historic earl cat city is a great place to shop. open joy a good meal. this morning it is covered in coal. a train derailment killed two 19-year-old women and left the community a mess. as the clean up goes on and the investigation, linda. >> you can see the mess called in the train derail. there's a heap of coal when it spilled from those train cars
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they're using heavy equipment to pile all of the coal into a and get it off of the track. the goal today is for ntsb investigators to look over the tracks to see if something may have caused this train derailment. the big question that remains today is what actually caused this derailment. we spoke to a worker with federal railroad administration just a few minutes ago. 3 or 4 cars are still on the tracks down a couple miles over there and as we told you yesterday when this train derailed some of those cars fell off the track into a nearby parking lot, there are about 4 or 5 train cars still in that parking lot on their side that they're in the process of removing. again, the goal is to find out what actually caused this derailment. we do know that the emergency braking system went off at some point it's unclear what actual lissette it off. today ntsb investigators will sit down with the crew members on board the 80 car train that was carrying coal from w we
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have to baltimore. investigators will review video mounting on the front of the train to learn more about what caused the derailment. the tragedy in this all is that two college girls were killed when the train cars overturned. they were sitting on the historic bridge when they were crushed by the heavy coal. now one thing we want to mention as the streets down here are still closed, main street along earl cat city is closed. there's still a lot of clean up to do today. they'll be working to remove all of that coal from the tracks. if you plan to come down here, if you need to come down for business or a lot of shops or restaurants in this area, good things to do is probably call beforehand to see if they are open today. being railroad museum which sit right here to the left, is closed today as it is on tuesdays, be u the manager tells us that it may be closed for more days throughout the week because of the clean up that they have to do here. but, again, this morning, cleanup crews will be here trying to get that coal removed
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from the tracks. ntsb investigators are here as well looking over to try to determine what caused this train to derail. we're live this ocean city, abc2 news. we were on the scene minutes after that train derailment last night and captured some up close and personal video. also some photographs you may want to check out if you want to head to our web site. a tax question scam alerting is targeting elderly neighbors may be over. 5 people were arrested in connection with that scam. 5 suspects were impersonating tax collectors and at least one case, a suspect threatened to even attack a person if they didn't pay up. it's believed two women and 3 men were arrested and they're the only people right now believed to be involved in this scam. jury selection is expected to begin today in the case of animal cruelty case in howard county. elizabeth is charged with 60 counts of animal cruelty after police found 40 dead abmalls
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inside her columbia townhome. they've said the animals had no food or water and they were also in their cages and they weren't around other animals roaming in the house. not all pistols are inherently dangerous. the court of appeals partly backed off that original ruling and now has removed the cross freeze from the ruling. it says pure bred pit bulls are dangerous. at this point the decision of this cross breed is pretty unclear. this is terrible case of animal cruelty to tell you about this morning. said they were about 20-pound underway. they nursed those dogs back to
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health the pit bull have permanent homes this is the picture. >> couple drowned in a pawn while trying to save the family dog. husband and wife were on the boat when the abmall -- animal jumped in the water. he jumped in to save the animal but struggled. she jumped in trying to save them. neither were wearing a life jacket and the dog survived. our 63rd birthday endurance athlete diana now resting comfortably. she was pulled from the water after trying to become the first person to swim 103-miles from cuba to florida without a shark cable. she was pulled out early tuesday morning. she was about halfway there. but this was her third attempt to compete this swim inless than a year. a school in kentucky say they want to get tough on trueness. they plan to fine parents 75 bucks every time their kid
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doesn't go to school. the new superintendent has only been at it for about a month. he's going after this problem pretty hard. if students can't afford to pay there's going to be community service option. that plan still needs to be proved by the board of education and city council before it can be implemented. actually thought about this story. we talked about it in the news room we want to know what you think about it. do you think it's a good way to keep kids from skipping school. head to our facebook weigh in. we always want to know what you think. >> the space life center made quite a discovery. >> it has nothing to do with outer space, we're going to show you what scientists fine right there on the ground. >> while fund-raisers are hoping to raise significant amount of cash they're hoping to do it tomorrow night. good morning maryland continues in just a moment. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed,
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these masks have taken one -- the beach mask they'll tell insects and jelly fish. >> in china pail skin represents being wealth because parents on the other hand represents manual labor and being outside. >> i have tell you looking at that video i don't know about you lanet, i'll take my wrinkles wrinkles. >> i have to say i like the face kini. >> you like that. >> i will put on -- you have one one. >> you've got to do it. i'll go with the big hat and sunglasses and i'm good. >> you like it because it protects you. >> it protects you from the sun. we're going to be seeing sun shine out there. right now we're looking at few
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clouds across the area. as we zoom out we can see that high pressure will begin to build in by tomorrow and friday we'll be seeing plenty of sunshine make sure you do get out there and enjoy make sure you do protect yourself. let's get a check with mike, tv. >> no. ridiculous. here is what's going on, again construction, and congestion delays no accidents to report. bring map and show you this is towards old frederick road both directions between eudemon son avenue be aware of that this morning. started out towards earl cat city and issues because of that train derailment. beprepared main street being blocked also at west chester at 1414 as an alternate around that. and as we head towards the south, we also have some issues going on in west street between west gate circle and maryland just be aware of that. another traffic on traffic less
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than so, charlie, maggie we'll see send it on to y. the spectacle coming back. >> we'll bring you a preview and let you know where you can catch the latest show. congressman todd aiken stays in the senate race despite heavy fall out. coming up hear more reaction from congressman aiken. [ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad."
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missouri congressman todd aiken now sticking with his bid for the u.s. senate despite mounting pressure from both sides that he bailout. while republicans prepare to take up the issue of abortion once again. here is the latest. sherry, aiken is not backing down from his claims. >> no, he is not. despite calls to quit his race republican congressman met a withdrawal deadline pass. he's under heavy fire for saying rape rarely leads to pregnancy. as the platform committee approved a platform calling for constitutional amendment banning abortion, it does not contain any explicit exemples for rape or incest. delegates will vote on it during next week's convention. meanwhile political comment prompted repeated apologies from the congressman. he released a tv ad yesterday.
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republican platform committee still has to finalize the dress platform language before the convention. >> if your a parent next story is going to make you sick to your stomach. >> 3 are encouraging, police say they have cell phone video to prove this all. two 3 year olds can be seen punching whaling on each other. day care workers can be heard in the background edging 9ç on. other children were watching the fight. parents, as you can imagine, were outraged over this. the day care not responding to those allegations but their business license has been suspended. time now. released their latest poll on how americans feel about vice presidentble president. and it find the popularity of paul ryan has fallen slightly. the vice president joe biden isn't doing much better. dubbed
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the obama classic. >> first lady michelle obama in jacksonville, florida. she's what's being held as milestone for veterans and military spouses looking for work. the announcement is part of mrs. obama's joining forces program. >> texas is a number of deaths in the past few weeks due to west nile virus with many of the victims in the dallas area. >> ernie duncan he's going to be in perry haul today. educators about the future of their professions. he'll be joined by baltimore county superintendent dr. dallas and superintendent dr. lillian lowry this workshop is taking place at perry hall high
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school. >> actually role what is now massive slight sale. we're not kidding, look at this footprint was found on the green belt campus, now the store was very large. it was armored and it was a plant eater. it was very rare. the store actually tracks there are sometimes found out west or even in the british columbia area, but they're seldom seen in the eastern parts of the united states. >> so amazing, though. so laid back in baltimore and the first show is tonight. it's happening and this one was called. this one -- this one actually uses 3,000-year-old art. now the show runs through
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sunday here in baltimore. >> here is lanet. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at what's going on out there today. we have that trough of low pressure across the area. so with that i'm going to keep an chance of isolated shower to pop up. all and all most of us will stay dry for today. as q2 look back off towards the west, we video that sinking air, high pressure is building in across that area and that will begin to slide off towards the east as we head tomorrow and into the weekend. slide to the south as we head to the tropics we are looking at tropical storm isaac as of now. you can see it right here it's pushing over the western an tilllies making its way off towards the west. looking pretty good as of now undergoing sheer. but now it has strengthened some, the wind sustained about 45 miles an hour. it's moving to the west about 16 miles an hour. look at the track and path that it's on. it looks like it will head over cuba and set a track towards florida as we head towards the end of the weekend and beginning of next week, we're going to have our eyes pilled -- peeled on this situation.
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we look at future track not picking up a whole lot. as we go into the afternoon picking up a little bit. and high pressure builds in for friday, for today 85 degrees, sun and clouds, stray shower possible, unseasonably cool by this evening. more patchy fog when you wake up in the morning. warmer with more sunshine as we head into friday. check out what we have for your seven day as we go into the weekend. we'll take that. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. let's get a check of time saver traffic. >> you're saying i shouldn't go to miami this weekend. >> no, i don't think so. >> here is what's going on this morning as you make your way, be aware we are reduced down to one lane due to road construction. that's 895 on northbound as you make your way, also some issues out towards the west we go. this is out towards old frederick road and construction that's tying up both directions between eudemon son avenue and
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we'll finally swinging on down on issues of road closures due to train derailment and west chester avenue. outside for a live shot we go. it's 695 at will con son avenue starting to see some congestion on the roadway. drive times look like this so far this morning. smooth selling from 795 to 95 that's an 11 minute ride. if you're taking it from 83 going downtown. that is an 11 minute ride. >> set to premier here and it's happening in 19 days. we know plenty of people want the chance to see the show in person we're doing to make it possible for you. you can win a trip for premier show live in new york city. it's on september 10th. all you have to do is like the katie show. it's at
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show. all you have to do is tell them why. you can get there by heading to our special section on web site . >> would you spend it with others. coming up how one man handled the difficult decision. @ñi
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what would you do if you're driving down the highway. >> making it rain. well it happened to somebody in st. louis a man who grabbed as much money as he could. >> the recovery a little more than $300 and returned the money to jane. she says she set the money on the back of her car while strapping in a child into car seat. the money was meant to buy food for the homeless. they chipped in about 500 extra dollars to coffer the money that was like.
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>> this story is going to surprise you, you might not love it. we're going to tell you who are the five richest members of congress. >> now it's time to make sure your child is ready for back to school. we've got some new tips also preparing them what to do after they get home from school. >> look before you flush. new way advertising -- it's not what you think. it's new way advertising are getting you to notice their business. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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